What’s new in 1.3 🎉🎉#

  • Bundle usability enhancements

  • Integrating MONAI Generative into MONAI core

Bundle usability enhancements#

Based on the experience of building MONAI model zoo and the feedback from the community, MONAI 1.3 provides major enhancements in MONAI Bundle usability. These include:

  • Pythonic APIs for Bundle trying to strike a balance between code readability and workflow standardization;

  • Streamlined Bundle building processes with step-by-step guides to the concepts;

  • Various utility functions for fetching and fine-tuning models from MONAI Model Zoo;

  • Various fixes for Bundle syntax and documentation, improved test coverage across the Bundle module and Model Zoo.

For more details please visit the Bundle tutorials and the Model Zoo demos.

Integrating MONAI Generative into MONAI Core#

Main modules developed at MONAI GenerativeModels are being ported into the core codebase, allowing for consistent maintenance and release of the key components for generative AI. As a starting point, loss functions and metrics are integrated into this version.