DICOMDataLoaderOperator(*args, **kwargs)

This operator loads a collection of DICOM Studies in memory given a directory which contains a list of SOP Instances.


This operator writes out a DICOM Segmentation Part 10 file to disk

DICOMSeriesSelectorOperator([rules, all_matched])

This operator selects a list of DICOM Series in a DICOM Study for a given set of selection rules.

DICOMSeriesToVolumeOperator(*args, **kwargs)

This operator converts an instance of DICOMSeries into an Image object.

InferenceOperator(*args, **kwargs)

The base operator for operators that perform AI inference.

MonaiSegInferenceOperator(roi_size, …[, …])

This segmentation operator uses MONAI transforms and Sliding Window Inference.

PNGConverterOperator(*args, **kwargs)

This operator writes out a 3D Volumtric Image to disk in a slice by slice manner

PublisherOperator(*args, **kwargs)

This Operator publishes the input and segment mask images for the 3rd party Render Server.