BundleConfigNames([preproc_name, …])

This object holds the name of relevant config items used in a MONAI Bundle.


This operator uses Clara Viz to provide interactive view of a 3D volume including segmentation mask.


This operator loads a collection of DICOM Studies in memory given a directory which contains a list of SOP Instances.

DICOMEncapsulatedPDFWriterOperator(…[, …])

Class to write DICOM Encapsulated PDF Instance with PDF bytes in memory or in a file.

DICOMSegmentationWriterOperator(…[, …])

This operator writes out a DICOM Segmentation Part 10 file to disk

DICOMSeriesSelectorOperator([rules, all_matched])

This operator selects a list of DICOM Series in a DICOM Study for a given set of selection rules.

DICOMSeriesToVolumeOperator(*args, **kwargs)

This operator converts an instance of DICOMSeries into an Image object.

DICOMTextSRWriterOperator(copy_tags, model_info)

Class to write DICOM SR SOP Instance for AI textual result in memory or in a file.

EquipmentInfo([manufacturer, …])

Class encapsulating attributes required for DICOM Equipment Module.

InferenceOperator(*args, **kwargs)

The base operator for operators that perform AI inference.

IOMapping(label, data_type, storage_type)

This object holds an I/O definition for an operator.

ModelInfo([creator, name, version, uid])

Class encapsulating AI model information, according to IHE AI Results (AIR) Rev 1.1.

MonaiBundleInferenceOperator(input_mapping, …)

This inference operator automates the inference operation for a given MONAI Bundle.

MonaiSegInferenceOperator(roi_size, …[, …])

This segmentation operator uses MONAI transforms and Sliding Window Inference.

PNGConverterOperator(*args, **kwargs)

This operator writes out a 3D Volumetric Image to disk in a slice by slice manner

PublisherOperator(*args, **kwargs)

This Operator publishes the input and segment mask images for the 3rd party Render Server.

STLConversionOperator([output_file, …])

Converts volumetric image to surface mesh in STL format, file output only.

STLConverter(*args, **kwargs)

Converts volumetric image to surface mesh in STL

NiftiDataLoader(*args, **kwargs)

This operator reads a nifti image, extracts the numpy array and forwards it to the next operator