class monai.deploy.operators.ModelInfo(creator='', name='', version='', uid='')[source]

Bases: object

Class encapsulating AI model information, according to IHE AI Results (AIR) Rev 1.1.

The attributes of the class will be used to populate the Contributing Equipment Sequence in the DICOM IOD per IHE AIR Rev 1.1, Section General Result Encoding Requirements, as the following,

The Creator shall describe each algorithm that was used to generate the results in the Contributing Equipment Sequence (0018,A001). Multiple items may be included. The Creator shall encode the following details in the Contributing Equipment Sequence,

  • Purpose of Reference Code Sequence (0040,A170) shall be (Newcode1, 99IHE, 1630 “Processing Algorithm”)

  • Manufacturer (0008,0070)

  • Manufacturer’s Model Name (0008,1090)

  • Software Versions (0018,1020)

  • Device UID (0018,1002)

Each time an AI Model is modified, for example by training, it would be appropriate to update the Device UID.


__init__([creator, name, version, uid])