Installing App SDK

MONAI Deploy App SDK is available as a Python package through Python Package Index (PyPI).

MONAI Deploy App SDK’s core functionality is written in Python 3 (>= 3.8) for Linux.

pip install monai-deploy-app-sdk

If you have installed MONAI Deploy App SDK previously, you can upgrade to the latest version with:

pip install --upgrade monai-deploy-app-sdk


For packaging your application, MONAI Application Packager and MONAI Application Runner (MAR) requires NVIDIA Docker (NVIDIA Container Toolkit) installed:

Currently, base Docker image is used by MONAI Application Packager by default for X86-64 in Linux system.

The base image size is large so please pull the image in advance to save time. Note that the container image tag in the following example, e.g. v0.6.0, corresponds to the SDK version.

docker pull


Windows users can install CUDA on WSL to use MONAI Deploy App SDK.