Deploying and Hosting MONAI App Package

The MONAI Application Package, MAP, built and packaged using MONAI Deploy App SDK, can be deployed in multiple ways, each with different levels of integration with a hosting platform.

  • A MAP is an OCI compliant container, albeit requiring Nvidia Container Toolkit as it is by default based on Nvidia container image with GPU support. The hosting platforms, via their own tooling, can inspect the MAP metadata and ensure dependencies are satisfied on launching the MAP container, for example, an MAP can be used in a Argo workflow, in Docker Compose, or simply run using Docker.

  • A MAP runs “natively” on a platform, where the platform specific adaptor or utilities embedded in the MAP can understand the MAP and the platform APIs thus manage the life cycle of the application per platform requests. At the onset, the only native execution planned is on the MONAI Deploy. The support for other platforms is on the horizon.

  • As envisioned for the long term, standardization of deployment package specification will be needed, so that compliant application packages shall work on all compliant platforms. One of the initiatives in this area is the Open Application Model, where an MAP can be used as the Application component.