What’s New


  • Multi GPU support for training

    • Support for both Windows and Ubuntu

    • Option to customize GPU selection

  • Multi Label support for DeepEdit

    • DynUNET and UNETR

  • Multi Label support for Deepgrow App

    • Annotate multiple organs (spleen, liver, pancreas, unknown etc..)

    • Train Deepgrow 2D/3D models to learn on existing + new labels submitted

  • 3D Slicer plugin

    • Multi Label Interaction

    • UI Enhancements

    • Train/Update specific model

  • Performance Improvements

    • Dataset (Cached, Persistence, SmartCache)

    • ThreadDataloader

    • Early Stopping

  • Strategy Improvements to support Multi User environment

  • Extensibility for Server APIs


  • Support for DICOMWeb connectivity to PACS

  • Annotations support via OHIF UI enabled in MONAI Label Server

  • Support for native and custom scoring methods to support next image selection strategies

    • Native support for scoring and image selection using Epistemic Uncertainty and Test-time Augmentations (Aleatoric Uncertainty)

  • Scribbles-based annotation support for all sample apps

  • Simplified sample apps with default behavior for generic annotation tasks